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(last updated: July, 2010)

Whether you're a real New Yorker, or you just aspire to play one on TV, there's no blog for
inside dirt on our favorite city than

3 Great Photographers. 3 Great Websites

Independent POV on all things film-related:

Independent Feature Project... goto:

She's practically a gay man... even she says so:

One of Roland's personal favorite blogs (for its LOL-ishness) is that of
Boston journalist Robert David Sullivan... goto:

A great resource for playwrights and theatres looking for new plays ... goto:

We appreciate Dan Savage's ability to cut through the bull: thestranger/savagelove

Looking for New York Theater Listings?... goto:


Miguel de Contreras, our larger-than-life Wardrobe Consultant on We Pedal Uphill
shares all the dirt on life as a New York fashion designer at: myspace/migueldecontreras

2nd Unit Director of Photography David Licata is an award-winning filmmaker...
For info on his projects -- past and present, goto:

The Internet Movie Database... goto:

Sick of CNN and Fox? Get some real news:

best resource for those hard-to-find out-of-print videos.
(remember VHS?)... goto:

looking to bond with other gay New York professionals?... goto:

think we missed something? email us your suggested links: