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One man drives an entire day to thank another for rescuing his family from the floodwaters of Katrina. A secretary to an election official must decide whether to bend the truth or lose her job. A PR handler scours the Redwood forest for the perfect spot for a presidential photo op. A mother watches silently from the window as her gay teenage son runs away from home in the middle of the night. These are just some of the characters brought to life with humor and empathy in Roland Tec's tapestry of post-9/11 America. The thirteen stories that fill the landscape of We Pedal Uphill offer an intimate portrait of those who either stood bravely against the tide of fear or found themselves helplessly swept up in it.

This film was made during one of the darkest periods of American history -- from September 11, 2001 to the election of 2008. Now, as it seems the country may be turning a corner, this collection of vignettes serves as a testament to the countless tiny acts of bravery from all across the land that may have saved us all. Shot in more than a dozen states and over a period of two years, We Pedal Uphill features some spectacular performances by a cast of more than twenty
award-winning Broadway and Off-Broadway actors.

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