First a hit play. . .  Soon to be a motion picture!

The Wreck Behind Us is inspired by the true story of the 1969 automobile accident that claimed th life of a 39-year old actress, wife, and mother.

On the morning of June 3rd, Evelyn Beckett was the star of a top-rated daytime drama, she was fielding offers from Hollywood, and she was the proud mother of three "clever little rascals," as she liked to call them. She was on top of the world.

By midnight she would be dead, her family changed forever.

The world premiere of Roland Tec's play opened March 10th, 2004 in a tiny Greenwich Village cabaret and played for ten weeks. Currently, Tec is adapting his play for the screen and hopes to begin shooting next year .

The Wreck Behind Us
Life After the Death of Evelyn Beckett

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